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Channel 213 (90.5 MHz)
Radio Catskill, Inc.
PO BOX 546
Jeffersonville NY 12748
Facility ID: 54516
HD Radio digital hybrid
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BLED-20160802AED Superceded 08/11/2016
L2CA BLED-20160802AED Granted 12/14/2016
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REC Application ID: 1736252 (eLMS)
Record Type: Full Service FM
Application Purpose: License to Cover-Amendment
Expiration Date: 06/01/2022
FRN: 0006648877
Channel: 213B1 (90.5)
NAD83 Coordinates: 41 48' 4.2" N / 74 47' 3.5" W
NAD27 Coordinates: 41 48' 3.88" N / -74 47' 4.92" W
REC measured distance to Canada: 264.0 km - bearing 321.7
Elevation: 658.4 m AMSL
Antenna Type: ERI LPX-3E-HW
Antenna Sections (bays): 3
Spacing Between Bays: 0.5
Transmitter Power Output: 3.57 kW
  Horiz Vert
Effective Radiated Power (kW) 3.2 3.2
Maximum Effective Radiated Power: (kW) 0 0
Radiation center above average terrain 185m 185m
Radiation center-height above ground: 22.9m 22.9m
Radiation center-above mean sea level: 681.3m 681.3m
Overall antenna height above ground: 96 m
Non-Directional Antenna
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BPED-20150902AAB Granted 09/02/2015
BLED-19940318KC Granted 02/26/1996
BPED-19891102MA Granted 08/14/1990
BLED-19900223KB Granted 09/19/1990
BMPED-19890620JN Granted 10/25/1989
BPED-19870224MO Granted 01/20/1988
870224MO - 00/00/0000
WJFF - 02/16/1988
FCC services and solutions for LPFM, full-service FM and FM translators, 1-844-732-5736
  BPED-19870224MO Construction Permit Granted 01/20/1988
  BTCED-19880224HG Transfer of Control Granted 03/24/1988
  BMPED-19890620JN CP Extension Granted 10/25/1989
  BPED-19891102MA Major Modification-amend Granted 08/14/1990
  BLED-19900223KB License to Cover Granted 09/19/1990
  BRED-19910201UJ Renewal Granted 07/02/1991
Public Notice Details BPED-19940318JA Replace Expired CP Granted 05/11/1995
  BLED-19940318KC License to Cover Granted 02/26/1996
  BRED-19980130ZP Renewal Granted 05/29/1998
  BTCED-20060127AMK Transfer of Control Granted 02/07/2006
  BRED-20060127AMO Renewal Granted 05/24/2006
  BTCED-20080325AAJ Transfer of Control Granted 04/17/2008
Transaction log data NOTICE Consummation Notice Received 04/30/2008
  BDNED-20081218AFJ Digital Notification Pending 01/12/2009
  BTCED-20120131AAP Transfer of Control Granted 02/08/2012
Transaction log data NOTICE Consummation Notice Received 02/14/2012
  BTCED-20130719AAM Transfer of Control Granted 09/11/2013
Transaction log data NOTICE Consummation Notice Received 09/13/2013
  BRED-20140203AKK Renewal Granted 05/23/2014
Transaction log data NOTICE Administrative Update Pending 05/27/2014
Transaction log data BPED-20150902AAB Modification Granted 09/02/2015
Transaction log data BLED-20160802AED License to Cover-Amendment Granted 12/14/2016
Transaction log data 0000183568 Renewal Granted 05/23/2022
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