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Channel 206 (89.1 MHz)
Illinois Eastern Community Colleges
220 College Drive
Mt. Carmel IL 62863
Facility ID: 28305
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BMLED-20040609ABE Granted 09/21/2004
Domestic Status:License
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REC Application ID: 992279 (CDBS)
Record Type: Full Service FM
Application Purpose: Modify License
FRN: 0005802871
Community of license: MOUNT CARMEL, IL
Channel: 206B (89.1)
NAD83 Coordinates: 38 26' 28.83" N / -87 45' 26.10" W
NAD27 Coordinates: 38 26' 29.0" N / 87 45' 26.0" W
Antenna Type: ERI SHPX-6AE
Antenna Sections (bays): 6
Spacing Between Bays: 1
Transmitter Power Output: 15.13 kW
  Horiz Vert
Effective Radiated Power (kW) 50 50
Maximum Effective Radiated Power: (kW) 0 0
Radiation center above average terrain 101m 101m
Radiation center-height above ground: 94m 94m
Radiation center-above mean sea level: 229m 229m
Non-Directional Antenna
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BPED-19870331QC Granted 05/19/1987
BLED-1689 Granted 08/26/1976
KPL768455.01001 MI N & .6 MI EAST HWY 1
WCG758949.00002200 COLLEGE DR
WVJC - 00/00/0000
FCC services and solutions for LPFM, full-service FM and FM translators, 1-844-732-5736
Transaction log data EEO Annual Employment Report Received 00/00/0000
Transaction log data EEO Annual Employment Report Received 00/00/0000
Transaction log data EEO Annual Employment Report Received 00/00/0000
Transaction log data EEO Annual Employment Report Received 00/00/0000
  BLED-1689 License to Cover Granted 08/26/1976
  BRED-19790726UF Renewal Granted 11/30/1979
  BRED-19820713VS Renewal Granted 11/19/1982
  BPED-19870331QC Modification Granted 05/19/1987
  BRED-19890726UO Renewal Granted 11/30/1989
  BTCED-19920526HV Transfer of Control Granted 06/16/1992
  BTCED-19960708GF Transfer of Control Granted 07/18/1996
  BRED-19960726YB Renewal Granted 11/26/1996
  BTCED-19971208GE Transfer of Control Granted 12/22/1997
  B395B-20000830AMG EEO Annual Employment Report Received 08/30/2000
  BTCED-20020115AAO Transfer of Control Granted 01/24/2002
  BMLED-20040609ABE Modify License Granted 09/21/2004
  B396-20040722AAW EEO Program Report Received 07/22/2004
  BRED-20040722ABH Renewal Granted 11/26/2004
  BTCED-20100721FZT Transfer of Control Granted 08/04/2010
Transaction log data NOTICE Consummation Notice Received 08/06/2010
  B396-20120731AFW EEO Program Report Received 07/31/2012
  BRED-20120731AGQ Renewal Granted 11/23/2012
Transaction log data BTCED-20191122AAW Transfer of Control Granted 12/13/2019
Transaction log data NOTICE Consummation Notice Received 12/18/2019
  0000119314 Renewal Granted 11/20/2020
  0000119303 EEO Program Report Received 07/30/2020
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 History card 01/01/1980
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