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Tower located 1,312 feet NORTH of that position.
Vertical Bridge Towers LLC
Antenna Structure Registration #: 1300187
Tower Type: LTOWER
Overall Height: 18.40 meters
On this tower:
56m Studio-Transmitter/ENG Link
WMW217 Freq: 6925.0000~6950.0000
ULS ID: 1008581
NBC Telemundo License LLC
41m FM Station: KRST Ch. 222
Facility ID: 12584
BMLH-19900424KH GRA 1991-04-12
6m Studio-Transmitter/ENG Link
WMU356 Freq: 6925.0000~6950.0000
ULS ID: 1007145
NBC Telemundo License LLC
6m Studio-Transmitter/ENG Link
WPSR460 Freq: 13075.0000~13100.0000
ULS ID: 2333839
NBC Telemundo License LLC
Albuquerque NM
6m Studio-Transmitter/ENG Link
WPSR468 Freq: 2467.0000~2483.5000
ULS ID: 2333847
NBC Telemundo License LLC
Albuquerque NM
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