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FCC issues MO&O on 10 of the 20 outstanding NCE-FM MX groups, reverses tentative selections. House Subcommittee to meet Tuesday about AM radio. DIRS deactivated in CNMI (still active in Guam).
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Call Sign Community Name
mx Mexico
Data for Mexico is provided through a mix of automated and manual processing. This database includes all AM, FM and TV stations in Mexico. Data for Television also includes 'complementary' stations which are same-channel repeaters similar to the DTS stations in the United States.
Geographic Availability:
As of December 1, 2018, data is now available for the entire nation.
Data Sources:
Most data is provided through data provided by the IFT. Additional information will be added in manually over time.
Entering Data:
Call Sign: You do not need to enter the suffix to the call sign ("-FM", "-TDT", etc.).
Community Name: We are building a list of communities based on the locations of the stations. You just need to enter a city name without a state. Do not use accent marks or tildes. Our database should be smart to pick that up.
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