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House passes ByteDance/Tiktok bill - Spectrum Pipeline Act introduced in the Senate - Advocates, Noncommercial Broadcasters and Sinclair respond to Rosenworcel's proposed 'express lane' for local program broadcasters - Comment dates on multi-lingual EAS - TV station gets NAL cancelled because of OPIF boo boo.
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au Australia
Data for Australia includes information on AM, FM and TV stations as well as other specialized broadcast services including Australia's narrowcast low-power FM service and 'narrowband' one-way transmission services that operate outside of the broadcast band. There are also some listings for domestic shortwave transmitters. This database also has a complete list of licensed radio amateurs in Australia.
Data Sources:
REC retrieves this data from the Australia Communications and Media Authority. This information is updated daily at 2PM Mountain Standard (Phoenix) Time which reflects the previous day's business at the ACMA.
Entering Data:
Enter only one data type per request:
Call Sign: Enter the call sign for the station. Call signs for full broadcast stations are not compliant with International Telecommunications Union convention (e.g. they do not begin with 'VK') while some call signs for narrowcast stations are ITU compliant while other stations may appear with no call sign at all. In those cases, use 'Community Name' or 'Licensee name' to try to find the station. Amateur call signs should not be entered with a 'portable' indicator. (e.g. enter VK1AA instead of VK1AA/3)
Community Name: Enter the community name in the first field and the two or three-letter state abbreviation (ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC and WA)in the second field. If you are unsure of the spelling, you can enter the first three letters of a community name and it will try to find it for you.
Licensee Name: Enter the name or partial name of the licensee as shown in the ACMA licensing records.
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