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Data comes from a manually maintained table of over 7,000 broadcast facilites in Japan including AM, FM and TV stations. Listings include NHK, commercial FM stations, AM stations, 'Wide-FM' simulcasts of AM stations, Community FM broadcast stations and Disaster FM broadcast stations. American Forces Network (AFN) stations are also listed. Most transmitters with a transmitter power output of less than one watt are omitted. Best efforts were made to translate place names into Romanized form. For Japan, FCCdata makes a best effort to be bilingual as the Japanese data is the source information.
Data Sources:
An extensive amount of information to make this database came from the Japanese website denpa-data.com which included station names and transmitter locations. Additional information including power and ERP information came from the Japan Ministry of Information and Communications. Additional research was conducted using Wikipedia and visiting individual station's websites.
Entering Data:
Enter only one data type per request:
Call Sign: Enter the call sign for the station. Call signs for full power stations are 4 letters beginning with 'JO'. Community stations are assigned 'JOZZ' followed by a single digit indicating the area of the country the station is located in followed by two alpha characters issued sequentially.
Community Name: The place name can be entered in romaji (regular 'English' alpha characters), hiragana (ひらがな) or in Kanji (漢字). FCCdata.org accepts place names at the city, village, town and ward levels. Learn more about Japanese place names and entering them into FCCdata.
Tokyo Stations: If you just want to see a list of stations in Tokyo (because using the place name search can be tricky for the Tokyo metropolis), just click this link for a dialscape (list of stations). This search is centered on Shibuya-ward in Tokyo.
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