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Google API Key:
In 2018, after a very long run, Google has decided to change their business plan where it comes to providing maps for websites on the internet. As a result, they decided to allow for certain allowances before they would start billing REC for maps usage. During a very short period of time when Google Maps were being used under the new structure, we would eventually reach our limit and maps would either be not displayed or be blacked out with "for development only" messages. As a result, REC converted FCCdata to using Open Street Map, a free solution. REC received feedback that the Google Maps have been missed and that we should bring back the maps. Users were willing to pay for this service with Google Maps. Unfortunately, for us to provide Google's maps behind some kind of a paywall, we would have to go to a larger enterprise plan which would mean an commitment to Google well above what we have budgeted for these websites. But now, we may have come up with a solution.
In order to address those who want to use Google Maps with FCCdata, we are going to try this experimental solution. Instead of REC having the billing account for the Google API, we will allow FCCdata users to get their own API keys to account for their own map usage on FCCdata. This will mean that the user will have to establish a billing account and set up API credentials and then come back to enter that information into FCCdata. Once the API Key is entered into FCCdata (in the area above), FCCdata will save a cookie on your browser with your API key on it. This data will be saved for 365 days. Please note that if you use different computers or browsers, you may have to set this up multiple times. If you delete your cookies or you have cookies set to automatically delete after finishing a browsing session, you will have to reenter it. Compatability with mobile is not specified at this time, but that is something we may work on in the future based on the outcome of this experiment.
Google Maps on FCCdata may not reflect any changes made in the code since the conversion to OpenStreetMap and no warranty is implied. Service is subject to discontinuance at any time and there should be no ongoing expectation of service. REC continues the right to set rate limitations on website use, despite using your own API Key. Direct access to REC mapping is prohibited. All maps must be queried through FCCdata or Denpahoso. As of April 22, 2019, only FCC Broadcast facilities are supported. We may add other countries to this program at a later time. REC is not liable for any damages including consequential damage as a result of using this tool, either with or without the Google API Key. Technical support is not provided by REC for any aspect of the Google API experience. For assistance with the API Key and any billing, you must refer to the resources at Google.
When using this function, REC (FCCdata/Denpahoso) will place a site cookie in your browser. The site cookie consists solely of your Google Maps JavaScript API key. No specific personal identifing information is carried in this cookie. To remove this data, use the "Remove Google API" button above or delete the cookies from your browser. For information on third-party cookies that may be used in FCCdata/Denpahoso, please visit https://recnet.com/gdpr.
1. If you have not yet obtained a API Key from Google, please visit Google Maps JavaScript API and follow that information there.

2. Once you have an API Key, please make sure your key is set up as follows:
    Application restrictions: HTTP referrers

    Website restrictions:

    API Restrictions: Don't restrict key
3. Wait at least 5 to 10 minutes and then enter your API key at fccdata.org/key and click on [Set Google API Key].

4. If you see a contour map of KFI below, then your API mapping was successful.

5. Please consider sending a donation to REC Networks to support this site! Thank you for your support!

6. Click [USA (AM/FM/TV)] and enjoy using the site.
If your Google Maps API Key is properly set and Google has finished their process to authorize fccdata.org to be used with that API key, then you should see a contour map of KFI, Los Angeles below. If the map is not appearing or is appearing with "for development use only", please check the API key entered into FCCdata.org, check to make sure that you have authorized FCCdata.org as an authorized application and check to make sure that you have either not Application Restricted the API key or that you have included "Maps JavaScript API" in the access restrictions.
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