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FCCdata.org has an extensive amount of data relating not only to the current operations of a broadcast station but also historical engineering information that goes far beyond the data currently available from the FCC. Current FCC data also includes information on border area Canadian and Mexican stations based on how those administrations reported their facilities to the FCC. For more accurate data on Canada, click on the 'Canada' category above.
Data Sources:
Current data is derived from the FCC's Centralized Database System (CDBS) for radio, the FCC's Licensing and Management System (LMS) for television records and the International Bureau Filing System (IBFS) for International High Frequency (shortwave) broadcast stations and to track Section 325(c) authorizations on Mexican stations near the border. Data from CDBS is updated Monday through Friday prior to the start of the day in the Eastern time zone. LMS data is updated 7 days a week also prior to the start of the day. IBFS and HFCC (HF Coordination Committee) data does not change that frequently and will be updated every week. In addition to the live CDBS and LMS databases, FCCdata includes extensive content that is exclusive to REC including for AM stations, data from the Radio Service Bulletins dating from the 1920s to 1932 and data manually entered from FCC History Cards in major markets which highlights history between the 1920s and 1979. For all station classes, electronically gathered historical information has been added from BAPS and FCC public notices to cover from 1978~1999 prior to the implementation of CDBS. Learn more about the ongoing project to restore historical broadcast data into FCCdata by visiting The REC Radio History Project.
Entering Data:
Enter only one data type per request:
Facility ID: Enter the 1 through 6 digit FCC facility ID.
Call Sign: Enter the FCC call letters for the station. You do not have to enter the 'suffix' for the call sign (such as -FM, -TV, etc.). If the database finds multiple call signs that match your request, you will be able to pick the facility you wish to look at. Call sign is the only valid entry for International High Frequency stations.
Community Name: Enter the community name in the first field and the two-letter postal state abbreviation in the second field. If you are unsure of the spelling, you can enter the first three letters of a community name and it will try to find it for you. Community names in the 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico are supported.
CDBS ARN/LMS File #: File numbers from CDBS consist of a prefix (such as BNPH) followed by a dash and then a suffix that is 10 or 11-characters long (such as 20140124AAA). In this field, you only need to enter the suffix. LMS uses 10-digit file numbers that are all-numeric and zero-filled. To enter an LMS file number just enter the file number either with or without the leading zeros.
Party: FCCdata offers extensive searching by one of 15 different name parameters. Just enter the party name (or partial name) and the type of search you want to conduct The default search is by licensee name. If searching for by owner, use 'licensee' and if nothing is found, search by 'permittee'.
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